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giving thanks: october & november

apparently the fall was pretty busy for me… too busy to find enough time to post my october AND november thankful posts. i think i have an excuse for october, though. at the end of the month, i was away on the cape and i came back to a snow storm and no power (yes, again) for a week. by then, november was in full swing and now, here we are in december. either way, this was a fantastic fall, so let me tell you a little bit about it…

1) i went to the happiest place on earth with my family. yup, disney world! i hadn’t been to the parks in florida in about five years and they’re just as awesome as i remembered. i love every detail that goes into every decoration, ride, attraction and piece of the property. my favorite rides are still tower of terror, splash mountain, haunted mansion and pirates of the caribbean. i was a HUGE fan of the baby elephant (we named him bill) that was running around during our safari at animal kingdom, though. he really stole the show. also, props to jason for being equally as excited for my family vacation as i was.

2) also in october, my friend cassy tied the knot and married her fiance jon! the wedding was incredibly beautiful and held down on the cape the last weekend of october. it was a beautiful, fall-themed wedding held at the wequassett resort & golf club (so pretty and hospitable) and they even had a halloween masquerade after the reception! it was great to reconnect with some people and have a blast with my daniel.

3) my ashley (more affectionately known as ashenalily) and were the best of friends in middle school before she and her family moved to pennsylvania. we stayed close through high school and even ended up going to college together, but these days we don’t get to see each other often since she’s been in med school in philadelphia. during one of her rotations, she landed back in the nutmeg state, though and i got to see her not once, but TWICE and… get this: i get to see her again next week, too :)

4) mom and i have continued our cultured tradition of going to the theater and most recently we saw jersey boys and peter pan with cathy rigby.

5) this fall marked my first college basketball game of the year and my first NHL game of the year. stanford at uconn women and islanders at lightning, respectively. the home team won in both cases and i was so impressed with some of the upgrades the bolts have made to the st. pete times forum! i love visiting new arenas but still can never get over wearing flip flops to hockey games. also, shout out to aunt mo for the great uconn seats and the elderly couple who sold us their seats super cheap for the bolts! the old man told us he only wanted to make enough off his extra two seats so he could get a beer. too cute.

6) i took two special trips to boston this fall. the first, in october, was to bid farewell to one of my mentors from college. after more than a decade at BU, my programming council advisor and the asst. director of student activities, jeff, was heading onto a new, exciting opportunity. i was so happy be a part of his farewell celebration. also on the docket in the bean, i got a chance to go back to my freshman seminar class, COM101, and be part of a panel of alums that talked about careers in sports. it was such an honor to be asked and i am SO excited to go back again next semester.

7) last, but not least, thanksgiving with my family. no explanation needed there. these posts are supposed to keep me mindful of everything i have to be thankful for and that’s a whole day dedicated to the same topic. i love it!

and that, my dear friends, is what i’ve been up to while i’ve been MIA for a bit. check back soon for a yummy recipe and to see what’s going on in december :)



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