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as promised, now i’ll tell you a bit about the friendly toast in kendall square/cambridge - the spot that jane and i grabbed lunch during our quick trip to boston. obviously after lunch here, we saved room for those kick*ss cupcakes, though!

i’ve been to this restaurant 2-3 other times and always opt for breakfast food, since that’s the best meal of the day! during my most recent visit, i ordered an egg white omelette with avocado and goat cheese. two of my favorite foods rolled into one dish? perfect. i got homemade cinnamon toast and potatoes as sides, but left the potatoes because they were a little spicy for my liking. the bread was deeelish, though!

jane was craving a grilled cheese, so she ordered from the lunch side of the menu. i’m telling you, this menu is filled with some very interesting combinations that i would never think to pair together (like the mr. haegar: “a messy melt of dill pickles, cheddar, plum tomatoes, dijon mustard and horseradish mayonnaise on grilled oatmeal bread”). everything that comes out of the kitchen always looks good, though, and they have lots of options for different appetites. there are gluten free items, vegetarian dishes, food for meat lovers and simpler things for picky palates. next time i think i’m going to go with the PUMPKIN PANCAKES!

anywho, as you can see in the pictures, the best part about this place is the decor! everything is straight out of the 50/60s and the walls are painted bright with tons to look at. sometimes it feels like sensory overload, but the advertisements, products and decor makes me feel like i’m in an episode of happy days. i love it!

the friendly toast | kendall square | 1 hampshire street | cambridge, ma | 02139

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if you live in connecticut, go to the elbow room stat! ›

i had such a great dinner at the elbow room tonight and am still thinking about how delicious it was! this means i obviously have to share it with you all :) if you live anywhere near west hartford, i highly recommend it. 

i had been once or twice years ago and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. i knew they were “famous” for their mac n cheese, but i wanted something a little healthier that would help me fill my veggie quota for the day. i nibbled on the house bread basket (featuring cheddar-infused biscuits) while i gave the menu a once-over.

since i can be totally indecisive, i narrowed my choices down to the panini section and then was sold right after i read the first option. i went with the grilled eggplant panini and it knocked my socks off! in addition to the grilled eggplant, there were cool cucumbers, roasted red peppers, a little bit of arugula, creamy goat cheese and a FANTASTIC roasted yellow pepper pesto. the balsamic dressing on the greens on the side made the little salad stand up just fine to the flavorful sandwich. i give it a solid A and don’t think it was lacking anything even though it was meat-free.

i took more time to look at the menu once my decision was finalized and there are so many other things on there that sound delicious, as well. i’ll definitely be going back there - even though i’m not sure i could pay the elbow room a visit and NOT get that sandwich again. did i mention it was only $8.95?!

the atmosphere is very cool (read: trendy, not pretentious), and aside from being soaking wet from the downpours outside, it was very comfortable, the staff was friendly and the food was amazing. i wish i had taken some pictures to share, but in the meantime, just visit their website and see for yourself.

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