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that summer seemed to last forever (june recap)

summer = relaxing + traveling. relaxing + traveling are not always in line with blogging. oops! even so, i can’t fall off the wagon with reminding myself of all the great things i have to be grateful for, so even though it’s mid-july, here are some highlights from june!

i’ve always considered myself more of a spring/fall person, but this summer’s kicking a lot of butt. it’s making me a summertime convert, i think.

1) the first weekend of june, whit and i headed to newport, which blahblahblah you’ve already heard about. one of my favorite things about new england is the ability to visit all different cities/states in such close proximity. sometimes i like using my off-days as free passes to be lazy, do laundry and catch up on sleep. buuuut this summer has been full of day trips, visits with friends and lots of productivity.

2) the following weekend, i did MY FIRST 5K! if you asked me six months ago if i would ever participate in one, i would have laughed at you. i loved the feeling of crossing the finish line and once this summer humidity breaks, i can’t wait to train for a few more in the fall. also, the best part: it was for a good cause, benefiting the connecticut children’s medical center.

3) morgan and dave came into town for morgy’s birthday and i got to celebrate with them at barcelona in west hartford. i love having friends so close you’re just part of their family.

4) i got to celebrate my favorite mama-to-be, janelle, and her bundle of joy (can’t wait to meet him!) at two great showers. i still can’t believe one of my friends is going to have a BABY, but i’m so, so excited to meet him and had a blast at both showers. i’m surprisingly good at shower games!

5) we enjoyed father’s day in NYC with a trip to the bronx zoo, miss ally bo’s performance, a verrrryyyy filling italian dinner in manhattan and some gorgeous weather in the city that never sleeps. i love, love, loved the little monkeys that picked fleas off each other ha!

6) i wouldn’t consider myself a GIGANTIC rascal flatts fan, but i went to their concert this year and it was SO. FUN. it surprised me how many songs i knew of theirs (all but one or two!), considering i’m not a diehard fan. the weather was perfect and it felt sort of straight out of a movie when they started singing summer nights. cheesy, i know.

other than that, i enjoyed some family time with visits from floridian cousins and trips to the golf course with my cousins adam & joel. i got to see all of my favorite hockey east folks when they came to announce uconn’s invitation to the league. i volunteered at a sports clinic for kids and finally got some sunkissed skin. i can’t believe summer’s halfway over, but july’s got some equally fantastic things in store, including TWO (!) trips to the cape, hopefully meeting the baby (!!), another visit to la ciudad and some kitchen adventures.

hope you’ve got lots of fun, relaxing things going on this summer, too :)



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