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who says 13 is unlucky?

hi kiddos - happy new year! apologies for being totally MIA. i have been falling off the recipe wagon and even the monthly recap train. all forms of transportation - fallen off.

i guess sometimes it’s more important to be living your life rather than blogging about it, eh? that and a serious case of vacation, holidays and long term dogsitting have gotten in the way. excuses, excuses. i know. i’ll pipe down.

but hey, now it’s 2013. and i know the number 13 has a bad reputation for being awfully unlucky, but i say screw it. this year will be fabulous - mark my words.

while i don’t usually believe in new year’s resolutions (i’m more of a monthly goals gal, myself), here are some things i’d like to do in 2013:

read more.i always say this, but after cleaning out my childhood bookcase this past weekend, i remembered how i used to DEVOUR books and how much i loved reading. hate to say it, but i think it was school’s fault that i started to hate the activity. i’ve also come to the conclusion recently that i much prefer non-fiction to fiction. give me a funny memoir any day of the week. anywho, i got an ipad and am hoping that a high tech e-reader is the answer to my prayers. i’ll flip a page with a flick of my finger and i won’t have a pile of dust-collecting books taking up valuable real estate in my room once i’m done with them.

pay off my student loans. the beauty of moving home after a few years living on my own is that alllll the money i would have put towards rent and utilities has gone straight to the us dept of education and dear old sallie mae. while i absolutely detest these folks, i’m proud to report that i am aiming to rid my life of them by my birthday. about eight years ahead of schedule, but not a moment too soon. (don’t worry, though, i still think my education and college experience were worth every penny)

start grad school. the only stinky part about goal #2 is that DoE and sallie will be welcomed back into my life a few months later if and when i start grad school. great… i think this decision will pay off big time in the long run, even if it makes me slightly grumpy for the next 2.5 years. if i’m going to be serious about this goal, though, maybe i should focus a little more on studying for the GRE, which i’m taking in t-26 days. just a thought.

drink more water.i’ve fallen off the wagon from my days as a loyal #100ozchallenge member and i really need to get back into sipping h2o at my desk and carrying it with me. sure, it might result in a great many bathroom breaks, but it’s for the best. i think i’ve found the key to my success at this challenge lies in the power of straws. am i wrong or is everything more fun to drink with a straw?

run three 5k’s. last year i ran two (one in person, one virtual) and i’d like to step up my game by completing three this year. also, by run, i mean any combination of running and walking that i see fit. at this point, i could care less about my finishing time and just care more about finishing. i’ve already got one on my calendar for the end of march, so we shall see where else i round out my list of three!

follow the one-minute rule. when i was reading gretchen rubin’s the happiness project, one of my favorite tips was her one-minute rule. if any task you need to do (call in a prescription, file a bill or pick up a pair of shoes) will take less than a minute, JUST DO IT. if you keep putting it off, you’ll eventually have a pile of shoes, a thick stack of bills or will be scrambling at the last minute to get to the drugstore. if you just take care of it at that moment, though, you weirdly will end up with less of a mountain of chores and more free time, i’ve found. i love, love, love this goal, because it has already worked wonders for me in the first week of the year.

bite the bullet.i love pen pals and value relationships, but i am terrible about putting off email responses and dawdling when it comes to making phone calls i don’t want to make. i need to just get them over with and be a responsible grown up… at least in this one small aspect of my life!

make a portfolio website. you might not know it, but i design websites and graphic design elements in my spare time. for lots of people, too! i am so proud of some of the work i’ve done, but have nowhere to display it. i’m not sure if i’ll make it a tab on this ole blog that i can link people to or start a whole new site, but i need somewhere to show off my stuff!

downsize.i’m insanely sentimental - as seen in the picture above, where i’m sporting a nursery school headband, my first pair of goggles and a sequined headband from my third grade dance recital..). i still have napkins from airplanes i took on my first trip to california when i was 12 and purses from sixth grade. at the end of the day, i don’t NEED this stuff. if it doesn’t fit, isn’t in style or isn’t representative of some monumental moment in my life, i have a feeling there is someone else who could use it (donate!) or the garbage would really appreciate it. before i moved home, i tackled a monstrous purge of the contents of my room, but after settling back in for a year and a half, i’m sure i can afford another sweep through.

think of tv as a reward, not a hobby.i love television. like love, love, love it. i swear netflix and the dvr are the demise to any exercise routine or productivity in my life. i need to remind myself that tv is a reward when i’ve done everything i NEED to do, not just a nightly activity. also… less mindless tv (i’m looking at you,keeping up with the kardashians) and more dedication just to the series i love.

go to sleep earlier.(gratuitous picture of my favorite snuggle buddy, lulu - yes i’m hidden under those covers somewhere) whenever i get into a routine of going to bed earlier, i am reminded how much i LOVE it. nothing good happens after 1030p when i have work in the morning and i always feel so much more refreshed in the morning when i get a good night’s sleep. i can’t control when i have to get up in the morning, but i can control what time i go to bed at night. also, note to self: you’ve seen every episode of friends at least six times. you don’t need to stay up until 1130p every night to catch an ep before sleep.

be grateful. pretty simple - and yes, i recognize this quote has nothing to do with gratitude - i just needed somewhere to put it. i know i’m very lucky and have an amazing family, friends, job, my health, etc. sometimes it’s easy to forget to be grateful for these things, but i’m going to make every effort to be more mindful of this in 2013.

what are you going to focus on in the new year?







what better way to sharpen my photoshop skills than to experiment with some of my favorite quotes? this is notes,quotes& anecdotes, afterall!
remember: the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. it’s greener where you water it.

what better way to sharpen my photoshop skills than to experiment with some of my favorite quotes? this is notes,quotes& anecdotes, afterall!

remember: the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. it’s greener where you water it.

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congrats, new grads! by the way, you don't know anything ›

jezebel article that resonated all too well with me!


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marvelous monthly recaps

…yeah, what ever happened to those monthly recaps i was doing to remind me of all the little and fun things i have to be grateful for?! i better hop to it and get back into the groove. instead of lots of posts, i’m going to combine february, march and april into one grand slam post and then hopefully i’ll be right back on track for a magnificent may recap in a few weeks, eh?

in case you need a refresher on the whole point of these posts, it’s to remind me to be thankful for all the great things i have in my life. you should take a step back every week, month or season to do the same. perspective is a wonderful thing, my friends. and, as they say…

anywho… where to begin. i’ll try to categorize rather than chronological-ize.

and the final two performances for our season tickets to the bushnell. (mini reviews: the addams family was fun but morticia’s costume was hella inappropriate. les mis, on the other hand, was absolutely amazing. one of the best plays i have ever, ever, ever seen! i know it won’t be the same, but i can’t wait for the new film version to come out)

there was that quick jaunt to new york city (in love with that ad i saw on the bottom left. “eats flies. dates a pig. hollywood star. live your dreams - pass it on.) our trip involved a delicious brunch with alex, seeing my godsister (if her mom’s my godmother, that’s an appropriate title, right?) in a play and then dining on some delicious italian with the star herself. i don’t get to the city nearly enough. note to self: go more.

springtime. no words necessary.

my birthday! from a banana-dark-chocolate-chip pancake breakfast to a visit to the newport mansions and newport restaurant week on the water to a scrumptious seafood dinner, this birthday was low key and special.

it was only a two-day event, but i got to pup sit this little pooch and after an hour-long standoff, we became fast friends. look at those ears - how could you not just love him?!

there were trips around new england for some college sports action, including boston, lowell and providence. alas, my favorite sports season has come to a close and i will soon start the countdown to next october when the puck drops again!

that’s all for now, i hope you’ve got some equally fun things going on in your life. this weekend i’m off to philly, but you’ll have to wait for my may recap to hear more about that!



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bob dylan | forever young | i’m 26!

may God bless and keep you always
may your wishes all come true
may you always do for others
and let others do for you
may you build a ladder to the stars
and climb on every rung
may you stay forever young
forever young, forever young
may you stay forever young

may you grow up to be righteous
may you grow up to be true
may you always know the truth
and see the lights surrounding you
may you always be courageous
stand upright and be strong
may you stay forever young
forever young, forever young
may you stay forever young

may your hands always be busy
may your feet always be swift
may you have a strong foundation
when the winds of changes shift
may your heart always be joyful
may your song always be sung
may you stay forever young
forever young, forever young
may you stay forever young.

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