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laughing til there’s no sound.

laughing til there’s no sound.

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marvelous monthly recaps

…yeah, what ever happened to those monthly recaps i was doing to remind me of all the little and fun things i have to be grateful for?! i better hop to it and get back into the groove. instead of lots of posts, i’m going to combine february, march and april into one grand slam post and then hopefully i’ll be right back on track for a magnificent may recap in a few weeks, eh?

in case you need a refresher on the whole point of these posts, it’s to remind me to be thankful for all the great things i have in my life. you should take a step back every week, month or season to do the same. perspective is a wonderful thing, my friends. and, as they say…

anywho… where to begin. i’ll try to categorize rather than chronological-ize.

and the final two performances for our season tickets to the bushnell. (mini reviews: the addams family was fun but morticia’s costume was hella inappropriate. les mis, on the other hand, was absolutely amazing. one of the best plays i have ever, ever, ever seen! i know it won’t be the same, but i can’t wait for the new film version to come out)

there was that quick jaunt to new york city (in love with that ad i saw on the bottom left. “eats flies. dates a pig. hollywood star. live your dreams - pass it on.) our trip involved a delicious brunch with alex, seeing my godsister (if her mom’s my godmother, that’s an appropriate title, right?) in a play and then dining on some delicious italian with the star herself. i don’t get to the city nearly enough. note to self: go more.

springtime. no words necessary.

my birthday! from a banana-dark-chocolate-chip pancake breakfast to a visit to the newport mansions and newport restaurant week on the water to a scrumptious seafood dinner, this birthday was low key and special.

it was only a two-day event, but i got to pup sit this little pooch and after an hour-long standoff, we became fast friends. look at those ears - how could you not just love him?!

there were trips around new england for some college sports action, including boston, lowell and providence. alas, my favorite sports season has come to a close and i will soon start the countdown to next october when the puck drops again!

that’s all for now, i hope you’ve got some equally fun things going on in your life. this weekend i’m off to philly, but you’ll have to wait for my may recap to hear more about that!



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this little guy just speaks to me. try looking at it and not smiling.

this little guy just speaks to me. try looking at it and not smiling.