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16. When eating finger foods, use the hell out of your dipping sauce, and don’t be bashful. It’s much better to be out of BBQ sauce and have chicken nuggets than vice versa.

ha! i somehow feel like this is a metaphor for life. (found here with 29 other ways to make your 20s better)




bert & ernie sweet potatoes

…say what? yes. bert & ernie sweet potatoes.

i was grocery shopping last week and had two sweet potatoes on my shopping list. i didn’t purchase just any old sweet potatoes, though. i purchased bert & ernie sweeties! what does that mean, you say? take a look for yourself.



told you! perfect, eh? i almost felt guilty eating them ;)

if only i was technologically savvy enough to get my old home videos onto the blog, i would show you the time i made bert & ernie jack-o-lanterns when i was four. it’s some fantastic cinematography, let me tell you.

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