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med school graduation party ideas

no, i did not graduate from med school. no, i don’t like science. no, i will never be a doctor. my friend ashley, on the other hand… well, you already heard about my trip to philly to celebrate her graduation from med school. what you HAVEN’T heard, though, are some of the insanely creative details she put into her grad party!

in addition to being a total smartypants, ash is super creative and artistic, as well. a rare combo, if you ask me! she was able to take tons of ideas and pictures from pinterest and turn them into a totally focused, themed, fun med school graduation party.

instead of balloons tied to streamers, we blew up latex hospital gloves and strung them around the deck with ribbon!

ash made these adorable candy graduation cap pops with an upside down, mini reese’s peanut butter cup, a square of chocolate, some licorice and red frosting!

okay, this might be a little graphic for some, but centerpieces were portable urinals (filled with rocks and pinwheels) and little urine sample cups were filled with yellow food dye and water. apple juice could easily work, too!

pour grenadine into any drink (alcoholic or non) to make syringe shots! she just made a big batch in a bowl and sucked up the juice right into the syringes. to keep them cool, we kept them in little bedpans full of ice.

finally, she made one of those candy bars/tables that are so popular right now. glass bowls, vases, etc. of all different heights/widths and candy of every color you could think of helped to make the table pretty and fun! there were bags stamped with her official MD stamp and everyone could scoop up their own goody bag. we even put some of the candies that looked like pills into little CVS pill bags. she made an adorable sign for one of the jars (shown above) that said “pill poppin’” too.

make sure your guests of honor (sophie & ollie) get lots of attention and a good seat for the party & last but not least, make sure you remember why you’re celebrating - graduating med school is an INSANELY impressive accomplishment. congrats again, ash :)

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